Why & How

Blue, Circular, Regenerative... the New Economy is a promise of evolutions. In this floating period called “Transition” there are 50 shades of green, of blue, of actions and of talks. Interests in business as usual are blending with a need for - and struggles to implement - a new economical paradigm.

From those perplexities emerge opportunities, temptations, products and services that confuse companies, people and governments. Here is the era of greenwashing, polarization and dissonance. When it’s about communication, sustainability fluctuates between opportunism and authenticity, for communication is nothing more than the reflection of who we are.

At Blue Coco we use the need for communicating about sustainability to increase the positive social & environmental impacts of companies. By helping sustainable and authentic organizations to strive, we aim to accelerate the ecological transition, just like authentic impact investments do it. And by deploying in companies a culture of sustainability and abilities to manage their footprint, there too we accelerate the ecological transition.

Marketing as a force for good

Three questions and one approach:

  • What is your company made of?
  • How far can your values bring you?
  • How do we communicate efficiently your proposal?

Developing values increase positive impacts. From there, communication no longer must flirt with dissonance and greenwashing.